Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trigger Generator Panel Wiring

I've now wired up nearly everything on the VC Trigger Generator.  I used heatshrink tubing around all of the terminals on the switches, pots, and the LED. I'm so glad I picked this heatshrink up from Small Bear... it actually, you know, shrinks in response to heat?  As opposed to the Radio Shack garbage I had been using, which probably requires reciting a magical incantation to work decently.

After taking the picture, I wired up the LED too.  I attached a wire to the Trig/Gate input jack as well, but it isn't connected to anything yet, as I ran out of MTA headers.  (I should have a big box of MTA headers in the mail tomorrow or Friday.)  On the pushbutton switches, I should've soldered the wire at a 90-degree angle, rather than straight out; it puts them just at 1" from the panels, so I can't screw the PCB down all the way onto the standoffs.

I ended up getting everything put together (besides that one input), and powered it up.  Unfortunately, it isn't working!  I think the UJT is fried, but I'm looking into this further. I'll write up more details on all of this later, once I have a better grasp of the problem.

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