Friday, December 30, 2011

Power Supply Preparation

While I'm debugging the VC Trigger Generator, and waiting for my MTA headers to arrive, I've been getting things together for my power supply panel. 

I used David's power panel as a starting point - and am using the same power supply and switch/fuse unit, so those elements I could copy over. The one I'm making is using a MOTM-960 power distribution board, and is a full 3U rack panel, rather than a subrack panel.  I've also added 3 jacks for a ground connection, so I can connect power supplies, or even use them for applying an S-Trigger signals.

I printed out the panel just to make sure everything seemed to fit. Seems good, so I've ordered the panel (plus panels for a VCA, a VCF, and two VCOs) today.

The power supply I'm using is the HAA15-0.8-AG.  I'm somewhat second-guessing myself, if I shouldn't have used the HBB15-1.5-AG, to get 1.5 amps on each rail, rather than only 0.8 amps.  But, the Synthasystem isn't too power intensive, and I'll probably end up with a couple anyhow.  Of course, I could run the supply at +/-12V (and adjust the modules for that) to get 1.0 amps, but +/-15V is much more practical for me, as everything else I have (or am even considering building) runs at +/-15V.

More details when the panel comes in and I start putting this together!  The power supply setup was the thing that scared/confused me the most when I was getting started in modular synths, so fingers crossed that this all comes together fine.

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