Friday, April 6, 2012

Sequencer Output PCB

And here's the second PCB in the Sequencer!  All of the stage pots, output attenuators, and LEDs are board-mounted, which will make wiring a whole lot simpler.

The pots & LEDs get installed on the other side (but soldered on this side).  The jacks & LED lenses had already been installed on the panel.  I've only added the standoffs at this point.  I also had to use diagonal cutters to clip the (plastic) pot shafts down to a reasonable length - a bit of a pain, as my large diagonal cutters are MIA.

Anyhow for the pots I plugged them in and soldered the wiper pins only, and make sure they were flush with the surface.  I then slipped the LED in, but didn't solder them, and then shoved it into the panel.  A little bit of juggling, but the pots all went in and I put the nuts on a few, and then pushed the LEDs into the lenses.  I then soldered everything in, and started putting the knobs on the front.

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