Sunday, February 26, 2012

Switching Things Up

I switched out my Electroswitch rotary switches on the VCF with some Alpha ones.  They have a much nicer feel & response (at least to me).

Since they don't have a way to set the max number of positions, I wired one up for band-pass, the 6 to the left as low-pass, and the 6 to the right as high-pass.  (The final position at the bottom I left disconnected.)  I also used liquid electrical tape since heat-shrink wouldn't work so great for this.  Didn't turn out super pretty, but it does the job (and the heat-shrink is pretty much overkill, but I am doing it anyways!).

Oh, and here's a bit of a preview of the Triple EG!

This was a total beast to build!  It is a dense and heavy module!  Can't wait to test it (I was missing some MTA connectors for power, but they should be here Wednesday.)

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