Saturday, February 11, 2012

Peak Selector complete!

Here's the completed Peak Selector module.

Another fairly simple build. I now feel a lot more comfortable wiring up LEDs. This is basically just a comparator that outputs an S-Trigger (and lights an LED) whenever the input exceeds the set threshold.  However, it isn't done with OpAmps, so (to me) it is a bit more confusing, circuit-wise.  It has a minimum on-time, which seems useful, but means that if you want to feed it noise, you'll have to do so through a sample & hold or something - otherwise the output will be on all the time.

In the meantime, I also ordered a panel for the Triple EG yesterday... I tried to order all the panel parts too, but I'm afraid that I forgot some of the MTA connectors for the power - aaah!!  There's always one thing I forget whenever I place a Mouser order...


  1. Kyle,
    Mine will spit out random triggers fed directly from my steiner noise circuit. It's just a bit picky. White noise works best and you have to dial it in right on the edge of always on/always off. Hope that makes sense. Considering we built our differently (I'm using v-trig, for instance) and the noise circuits can be more or less noisy based on the tranny choice (I didn't select, just used the first one).. YMMV

  2. Hey Cameron, somehow I missed your comment before! My tests previously were with the variable noise module. I'd totally forgot about this issue and the other day patched my switchable noise module (set to white noise) into it and got it to work just fine. I'll have to go back and test with the variable one - could be the different transistor, or maybe I didn't have it full CCW to white noise.